The Mariana Art Gallery

I am proud to announce some of my silver jewellery can now be found for sale in our local gallery in St Briavels The Mariana-Art Gallery  

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Mariana-Art is happy to present new jewellery designer, Ann Skehel who was born on the beautiful island of Singapore into a military family.  She has been a “creative” person all her life, firstly by designing and making her own clothes, and later turning to craft work always intrigued by pattern, design, structure and the creative process.


She first became interested in making silver jewellery after seeing a demonstration of techniques at The Mariana-Art Gallery in 2008 after which she immediately enrolled on a local course for jewellery making.  She has perfected her skills over the years and now creates beautiful unique designs in silver.  She lives locally where she has a small workshop and office, enjoying canoeing, walking, felting and knitting in her spare time.  She also runs jewellery classes.


Someone once told her that silver comes from the stars:  During the collapse and subsequent explosion of a star, lighter elements are fused together to form heavy metals such as silver and gold.  Over millennia this stellar dust agglomerates into new bodies – one of which is our Earth.  We go to great lengths to excavate and purify silver before clever people like Ann mould it into stunning objects of beauty.  So every time you wear one of Ann’s jewellery pieces, you are wearing a little bit of stardust from somewhere deep in our galaxy.  All of Ann’s jewellery pieces are individually designed and created from 925 Sterling Silver, some with added beads and gems.


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