30 Seconds of Fame!

I have always got a buzz when I see someone wearing something I’ve made.  So you can imagine my excitement when watching County File about a local farmer at Cinder Hill Farm and he’s wearing one of my hats!


I’ve been making hats for two years now and selling them at the local Christmas Fair. I remember Neil and Debbie coming to my stall and him trying on various hats but always going back to the orange and green one, which he bought and put on straight away telling everyone to come and buy one! I did very well that day and almost sold out of hats!

Since the appearance on Country File I have had inquiries from many places and have even sent one to a friend in Australia.


The hats are made with pure wool. I buy the wool in skeins so lots of rolling into balls before I start knitting. I try to find bright colours to brighten up a cold winters day. Using two strands of wool on circular needles I start knitting. I have a set pattern for the shape but change the wool colour to create patterns and shapes so each hat is different. When they are knitted they look like a potato sack, not a hat.


But when I wash them the magic begins!  They all seem to shrink and felt differently so I never know if it will be a large or small hat in the end. This can take a few washes. I then take them out and stuff them with paper to keep their shape when drying.


Now they are ready to sell. You can find some of my hats for sale in the online shop at Etsy.