From catkins to earrings.

Looking out of my window on a chilly morning the sun is catching the catkins on the tree by the fence and I can see earrings. I’m formulating a plan in my head on how to create the texture and the hang of the silver. It will have to be lengths of chain to get the movement. Should it be one size chain at different lengths or different size chains at different lengths. I will probably try both. The wind is gently rippling through the catkins and my eyes are drawn toward some withered creeper around a branch here we go again. Need to take a photo as I can’t get into my workshop until I have finished the day job.

Day job done and I look at the photos close up I can see the catkins are more like cups!  Can I suspend say 5 decrying cups on a chain so it still moves in the same way? Time to get the drawing pad out.

FullSizeRender 2

Now I’m no artist so forgive my drawings but they help solidify my thoughts. Okay, I can make the chain by using different types of chain until I get the look I want. How to do the cups? Discs of silver with a hole through the middle then made into cups. But how do I get them to hang and move in the way I have in my head. Funny looking at my drawing, 4 cups not 5.  The bobble on the end of the wire through the first cup to a loop (it must be small) then chain to another small loop through the cup make a loop and so on. Can I solder the loops so it is secure? So many questions. Let’s look at the chain earrings first.

So I have tried various chains just on a jump ring but it doesn’t hang right, you don’t get the right shape or flow.
Next I made a short chain with small jump rings and attached a fine chain to 4 of the rings (4 seems to be the number of the day).


The chains are different lengths. Then I put this onto a bigger jump ring before putting it on to the shepherd hook earrings.

I’m happy with that, it needs some finishing off, soldering and polishing before it is ready to photograph and sell.


These earrings and other pieces of jewellery are for sale on my Etsy store.