Mum’s Broaches

On a recent visit to my parents my mother asked me to look at some old jewellery to see if I could use the silver or get some inspiration from the pieces. Most of the collection were broken chains so I took what I could use.

The next time I was there my Mum said “Oh look what I found, I used to love these and wear them all the time. I’ve even sewn them back together with cotton.”

I looked at the tangled broken broaches and remembered Mum wearing them.  They looked very sad, so I took them home to see what I could do with them. 

Back at my bench the next day I pushed the broaches to one side and got on with some rings I was making until we had a power cut so couldn’t do any more with the rings.  Picking up one of the broaches I gave it a good looking over. It could be silver after all, so then I looked at how it had been made. I’ve always liked to take things apart and see how they are made, so before long I was unraveling the first broach. Only one of the five petals was salvageable, so put the bits of the broach to one side whilst I thought about what could be done with them.


The next day with the power back on I tested a little bit of the broach material with cleaner; it looked and behaved like silver so presuming that it was silver I started to pick the other broach apart.


Four of the petals were okay but I would have to make the fifth from scratch, fortunately I had some similar thickness silver wire.  After a good look at the broken petal I managed to work out how it was made and half an hour later I had wire wrapped a new petal.

The new petal looked great but the original four were very black, so I began the slow and careful process of cleaning the delicate wire petals.

Then it was just a matter of wire wrapping the five petals back onto the broach.

The first broach only had the one petal that I could save, so I made four new petals and cleaned the remaining one before wrapping all five back onto the broach. 

I am really pleased with the results and have used the techniques I employed in the repairs to make other pieces of jewellery.

Thanks Mum, hope you enjoy wearing them again!